KZX1250 Intelligent Automotive PWM for HHO

The most advanced PWM available for use in an automobile. The result of nearly 2 years of research & development!


The KZX1250 is the most advanced PWM for use in an Automobile to take advantage of HHO technology. It has advanced features no other PWM could match.

The KZX1250 is designed for a 12v automotive system to produce up to 50 amps of continuous current limited power to your Cell to prevent overheating due to thermal runaway. It has the most efficient 8 MOSFET design that runs so cool it uses no heat sinks! It will stay cool to the touch while delivering 50 amps at over 3khz!

Most PWM's were not designed to be used in an automobile for powering a Cell and the ones that claim they were do not have the important safety and reliability features that the KZX1250 was carefully designed for.

Advanced features such as:

  • Automatic Current Limiting
  • Alternator Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Thermal Protection
  • Water Resistance
  • Built in Amp, Duty cycle and Frequency Display
  • Automatic Power on/off
  • Disable Terminal (Optionally attach toggle, water pressure, water temperature, water level switches to your car to disable your cell on a fault condition)
  • Tiny Enclosure with built in mounting bracket (Installs in many more places)
  • Easy three wire installation

Learn more about these advanced features by watching the video at the top of the sidebar.

If this is your first PWM, you will not miss the headaches associated with other PWM's that were never designed to be used in an HHO automotive application.

If you've already had the painstaking displeasure of using other inferior designs, step up to the most revolutionary design in modern HHO systems!

With the KZX1250, you will not have to buy fuses or circuit breakers, relays or amp meters. All of that functionality is built right in to the design. You will not have to tap into ignition circuits or have wires running all over under your hood and through your car. All you have is 3 connections for a basic install. One attaches to the chassis, another attaches to the battery plus terminal and the third attaches to your Cell! Optionally, you can connect a disable line.

The KZX1250 only turns on when your car is running (unless you disable it) and will turn off only when it's not. You cannot kill your battery or even weaken the battery from using it because it will only consume power from the alternator.

The alternator protection feature means your idle will always be smooth no matter what accessories you have turned on.

Before the design of the KZX1250 was even started, it has been determined beforehand that there would be no expenses spared during development. Whatever it took to create the most safest, reliable, robust Automotive PWM for use in electrolysis had been done and no corners were cut. The KZX1250 is your complete solution to powering your cell; Accept no substitutions.

   Payment & Shipping
Please pay promptly using paypal. Your KZX1250 will be shipped within 3 business days following payment. International shipments are $35.

   Return Policy

All units are thoroughly inspected and tested with vigorous test procedures that cover every feature before shipment. The KZX1250 is not a high production item so nothing gets past these important tests. However, it is possible, although unlikely that the unit may fail due to a defective part or a bad solder connection somewhere on the board.

Therefore, the KZX1250 is warranteed for 30 days against defects in workmanship. If yours fails within those 30 days, Advanced Digital Interfaces Inc. will repair or replace it (at their discretion) free of charge, including parts and labor; customer is responsible for shipping both ways. Warrantee does not cover abuse such as incorrectly wiring or modifying the circuit in any way or subjecting it to abuse. Advanced Digital Interfaces Inc. reserves the right to reject the warrantee if unit shows obvious signs of tampering or wrongdoing on part of the customer. Damages caused by user or outside the warrantee period will be repaired at customers expense.


Buyer assumes all responsibility for injuries or damages occurring from the use of this product. By purchasing this item, you agree to hold Advanced Digital Interfaces Inc., ebay and any affiliated parties harmless and accept any and all risks or negligence directly or indirectly caused from the use of this product.

The KZX1250 is the most safest PWM there is on the market for use in an automobile, but we cannot be responsible for what you do with it. Please use at your own discretion. It is up to you to verify the safeness and soundness of your own installation.

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not purchase this product.

This video demonstrates the setup and advanced features of the KZX1250. Find out why the KZX1250 has no competition and how important these advanced features are to the safety of itself, your car and most importantly you and your passengers!

Find out why other PWM's will leech away current from your battery when you are idling, causing your car to run rough and stall, forcing you to increase your idle; wasting more gas!

Download the KZX1250 Operators Manual!

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KZX1250 Features
KZX1250 Running
KZX1250 Inside
This video demonstrates the effectiveness of the short circuit protection. Don't assume that all short circuit protection is the same. If a vendor claims his unit has short circuit protection, ask him to demonstrate it! We believe that the KZX1250 is the only HHO PWM available that fully protects itself from dead short circuits.

We are currently out of stock. Please be patient, there are more in production and will soon be available for purchase in the next week or two. The price is $229.99 each + shipping.

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